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'Creating products with sense'

I believe a good product may be admired as a piece of art, but in use it should not require too much attention of the user. This can be accomplished by provoking the intuition of the user and minimalistic design. A product can only be successful if all 4 pillars of design, Technology, Aesthetics, Ergonomics and Business are in balance with each other.


My credo as an MSc. Industrial Designer is ‘Design by Making’. As soon as possible I build prototypes of my ideas, test them and come up with new ideas. My focus is on the conceptualization and realization of innovative connected products. For me, the physical part is as important as the digital part of a product. I love to work with artificial intelligence, wearable technology and IOT solutions.


Besides being an Industrial Designer, I like to make short (animated) movie clips at StudioThirtyOne


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Olivier Sebastiaan

About Me