Create prescription glasses for racing cyclists


Embodiment design


July 2015


This project has been conducted for the bicycles accessory manufacturer BBB. The job description was to create prescription sports glasses for racing cyclists.

The current solution for cyclist with visual impairment are optical inserts which are placed in normal sports glasses. These inserts have a lot of downsides: they touch the eyelashes, the space between the insert and the glasses can easily fog up and it is difficult to clean when wearing. A possible solution would be to integrate the prescription lenses directly into the shield of the glasses. BBB asked us, a team of five design students, to develop this concept.



Although the assignment was to develop the concept as described above, an analysis was done on the best solution for the problem. The analysis was focused on ergonomics, experience, physics and production. From the results two concepts were extracted: ‘Directly glazed’ and ‘Slide-In’. The Directly glazed concept has prescription lenses pleased directly in the shield. The Slide-In concept has two insert lenses that are slit in front of the shield. In contrast with the optical inserts, the space between the lenses and the shield is very small. That will prevent fog, dirt and the eyelashes to touch the lens.

Using prototyping techniques such as 3D printing and epoxy casting, the final design is made ready for production. Next to the physical embodiment of the product, an extensive marketing plan is developed which includes the logistics of the production.


The results of the project are two concepts. Directly Glazed is a concept that can be executed soon and Slide-In is a concept for the longer term.

BBB was pleased with the result. They hope to get the concepts to market as soon as possible.

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