The movie Dirt was created for a half year minor at the faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology. The purpose of this minor is to teach students how to present a design or research in a visual manner to people from other disciplines. The result of the minor is a short 3D animation movie.


The minor was divided in two periods. During the first period an animatic was created based on a research of storytelling, character design and movie styles. After this phase 10 out of 30 movies were selected, including mine, for  further production in groups of three students.

The second period of the project was about making the 3D animation movie using Autodesk Maya. For my movie I was the director, set and style designer. The two other members of the group were responsible for modelling the characters. Together we animated the movie and using After Effects we applied the Roy Lichtenstein style.


The style of the movie was the biggest challenge we faced. Roy Lichtenstein used different stencils for different situations, all made by hand for his work. Using this for a one minute movie with 1440 frames would take too much time. We had to find ways to automate it. The movie was prized by its style.


Create a 3D animation




Autumn 2011


Dirt is a one minute animation movie. It is modelled, animated and produced in Maya.

The style of the movie is inspired by the paintings of Roy Lichtenstein. Using After Effects, the style is applied to the rendered movie.

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