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GOED is an organization that wants to help the sheltered workshops. Because of reduced subsidies these workshops need new sources of income. GOED wants to provide labour by producing everyday products. The products of GOED will be sold online via their own webshop and other webshops like and


GOED asked me to design the first line of products. These products should match each other in appearance and reflect where they are made. We started with the dustpan and brush. The design of the first product is almost ready for production.


A sheltered workshop is not used to produce products on a large scale or with a large variety of manufacturing methods. Therefore the first phase of the project was focused on researching the production possibilities. From meetings with the client and the workshops it became apparent the products should be manufactured using the currently available manufacturing methods. Investing in new machines was not an option.

I made prototypes by hand in the workshop at the faculty of my University in order to be sure it can be made in the sheltered workshops. While making these prototypes, I tried different shapes and dimensions in order to find the right design.


The final design is a minimalistic dustpan which is refined in its detailing. All parts are well-considered on its aesthetic value and usability. The combination of the brush and dustpan gives it an iconic appearance.

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