Because the HEMA design award existed already for 25 years, the jubilee assignment of 2012 was: Design the new HEMA hero. The product should be timeless and  inseparably linked to HEMA.



The project started only shortly before the deadline. Because of this little time, I used the list of ideas I have  build up over the years. The idea that I choose was a concept for an easier way to drain a cooking pan. A cooking pan could fit the description of a HEMA hero, for it is an iconic product and everybody uses it.

The designing process was short, so my best option was to modify current cooking pans in order to test different solutions. Finally the most simple idea was chosen: new handles for the current HEMA pan.


The handles will help the user to hold the hot pan during draining while the water can flow out through the slot in the pan. This slot can be closed by turning the lit 90˚needed for cooking. To help the user to understand the interaction, a marker is embedded in the top handle.

Because the handles are made of a plastic, it is possible to produce  the pan in different colours. A colour study was done to find the best colours for the  HEMA pan.


The design was awarded  the studio favourite price at the University and my model was displayed in the HEMA design award exposition in the Amsterdam Public Library.

Olivier Sebastiaan

Design the new HEMA hero


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April 2012

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