Firefighters endure considerable physical duress during their work. The impact on their heart and arteries is enormous. The QuantiFire is a smart earpiece that registers physiological values and predicts when serious health risks are likely to occur. The earpiece will also improve mutual communication through amplifying speech and reducing environmental noise.

#smart technology #hearable #user centered design #design driven innovation #graduation

Luggage place is a product service combination designed for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines that enables premium passengers to reserve a place in the overhead lockers. This extra service adds more convenience to the KLM experience and reduces the boarding times at the gate.

Out of 30 projects sent in by students this project was selected as number one.

#service design #concept design #behaviour analysis #first place

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Traces of use reflected at a sink makes people aware of their water usage. MIZU is a sink-tap combination that enables a new, more intuitive interaction.

By touching the sink, the tap can be controlled. Traces of use are shown in the material at places that are touched more than other places.

#interactive technology design #electronics #prototyping #teamwork #dutch design week

The 180˚ backpack uses a smart mechanism to enable the user to easy accessibility. The mechanism allows the user to turn the backpack from the back to the front. The backpack is designed for umbrella manufacturer senz˚ to function as a new product category in their portfolio.

#lean startup method #brand driven innovation #concept design #embodiment design #prototyping

#user testing #team work

This product is designed for a startup GOED. They want to put themselves into the market to help the sheltered workshops in the Netherlands. The appearance of these products should be sophisticated but show the user where it is made. These requirements are translated into the design of a dustpan.

The product has a nice integration of the brush and the dustpan. When mounted on the wall it look like one piece.

#design for manufacturing #prototyping #freelance #startup

Sport cyclists with visual impairment prefers sports glasses with prescription lenses that look and work the same as normal sport glasses. For cycling company BBB two concepts are developed for prescription sports glasses: a ‘Slide-In’ and a ‘Directly Glazed’ concept.

#embodiment design #ergonomics #product experience #physics #production #prototyping #teamwork

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