Embed traces of use in a product design


Interactive Technology Design course


Spring 2015



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Technology has brought many changes to our lives. Most of these changes are for the good, but it also brought us farther away from nature. We no longer need to chop wood and burn it in the stove as in the ancient times. It is all controlled for us by smart systems, the thermostat. We don't need to fetch water from the well, we just open the tap. This makes us less aware of the resources we use on this earth.

This was the starting point of the assignment for this project. The assignment was instructed to us by PHD candidate Holly Robbins at the Delft University of Technology.

The result, MIZU, combines technology and material properties to let the user experience what it is to get water from the tap. It requires an active interaction and shows the traces of use.



MIZU is developed in a group of 5 students. The decision to add traces of use in a sink was made early on in the project, but how this would be embodied was not clear until the end. The process of this project involved a lot of trying and testing and was mainly focused on the interaction people have with a tap. When the new interaction began to take shape, the embodiment of how to implement traces became more clear as well.

A lot of prototypes where made to test the technology, the interaction, and the embodiment of the product.


The product was received well by the client Holly Robbins and the staff of the course. The client managed to get a funding for the project and the project has been on display at the Mind the Step Exposition of the Dutch Design Week 2015 in Eindhoven.

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